Real Estate Coaching with
Dustin Heiner

Let me coach you through the process to quit your job with rental property investing.

1-On-1 Coaching with Dustin Heiner

Get Coached by Dustin Heiner And Become Successfully Unemployed

Have Dustin Heiner take you through the entire process to buying your first or next property.

What You Are Going To Get...

  • Complete access to the Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course ($5,999 value)

    • 9 specific sections on real estate investing
    • 115 video lessons
    • 5 Bonus Sections how to build and grow your business even further
    • 15+ Bonuses, Free Investing Tools, and Downloads
    • Monthly Question and Answers with Dustin Heiner
    • Online Community of Investors
  • (6) 1-hour coaching sessions (6 1-hour sessions spread over 6 months) ($2,999 value)
  • Unlimited Emails with Dustin Heiner for the duration of the program. ($3,999 value)
  • Step by step coaching to start and run your business. ($1,999 value)

  • Walk through in analyzing different areas of the country you find to potentially invest in. ($499 value)

  • Assistance in analyzing the properties you find in a particular area. ($1,999 value)

  • Homework to get your your first, second, or twentieth property. ($299 value)

  • Practical action steps to build your business to quit your job. ($899 value)

  • Personal accountability to buy your next property. ($1,999 value)

  • Three of Dustin Heiner’s best selling books. ($129)
    • How to Quit Your Job with Rental Properties
    • How to Quit Your Job with Passive Income
    • Successfully Unemployed

Total Value of $24,819


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What Other Students Are Saying

Dustin helped guide my wife and I down the path of financial Independence.


He opened our eyes to the power of real estate...and you don't need to have great wealth to start. There are options available to most individuals and Dustin provides a detailed accounting of what is out there and how to make it successful.


Dustin enjoys helping others navigate the road of passive income and he knows his stuff because he walked that same path

- Chad V. - California

Sam M. - Idaho

- Entrepreneur

"First, Dustin’s real estate investing advice is solid no nonsense and factual. Absolutely no hype and he helped me build a successful real estate business.


Secondly, with Dustin’s help I was able to focus on what I was doing right and get rid of what I was doing wrong in the real estate investing. I lost thousands of dollars before I learned how to invest right with his help.


Third, Dustin was able to show me what real estate markets to invest in and what real estate markets to stay away from, how to calculate cash flow, and find good deals on properties.


Lastly, Dustin really cares about his students. His one-on-one coaching was invaluable to my real estate success and his course is invaluable as well. Do yourself a favor and save yourself from investing the wrong way and lose money like I did. Get coaching from Dustin Heiner, absolutely well worth the price.


Without Dustin’s help, I would not be where I am today, living the dream life. His one-on-one coaching is invaluable and I highly recommend everyone to invest in themselves and get coaching with Dustin Heiner."


You won’t regret it!

1-On-1 Coaching with Dustin Heiner

"Dustin was a huge encouragement to me to take the necessary steps to leave my full time job for something better.
I am able to focus on investing in my family, my dreams, and other business ideas because I now have time like never before.
I would not have journeyed down this path without Dustin’’s example, books, and mentorship."

Paul C. - California | Successfully Unemployed

"Thanks to Dustin, his books, courses, personal coaching, and experience, I have many properties that make me passive income and monthly cash flow. I highly recommend to everyone Dustin Heiner and his real estate coaching.

With Dustin’s help, I have learned the skills it takes to invest in real estate rental properties! I even bought a duplex in Alaska to live in and rented out the top unit to a nice family. Now the tenants pay my mortgage and I live in my own home for free!"


Chris B. - Alaska | Fisherman & Father of Two

1-On-1 Coaching with Dustin Heiner

"Listening to Dustin and reading his books and courses gave us the confidence we needed to take the first step in pursuing passive income in real estate. 

Dustin is knowledgeable, inspiring, and has a contagious visionary spirit that encouraged us to follow what we once thought was an impossible dream.

He gave us the tools we needed to make those seemingly impossible dreams an attainable, doable reality. Having a mentor like Dusty was our key to taking the first step."

Stefanie C. - Idaho | Stay at Home Mother of 4

As You Can See...

How to Quit Your Job with Rental Properties has already helped countless people live the dream life.

The Question Is...

Are You Next?

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